FAQ for commercial photography 

Q: Why do I have to give you so much information to receive an estimate?
A: To provide you the most accurate estimate, I need the details of your project, product and your expectations of the photo session. Some products are much easier and quicker to photograph than others. I will need to know the number of final images you will need to complete your project

Q: Why do I have to sign a contract and schedule a day to bring the products in to be photographed? Will you pick up product at our place of business?
A: Signing a contract will protect both of us. The contract will explain what is expected from each of us. The contract also shows the breakdown of payments for your project. Contracts are standard for all professional services. Drop off day - Products being photographed in studio you must be dropped off on a day I will be in the studio. I shot location assignments and therefore I may not be in the studio for a few days at a time. I will pick up your product free of charge if your business is within 25 miles of my studio. The Studio is located in Downtown, Utica NY.

Q: Why do I have to pay a non-refundable retainer fee of 1/3 of the estimated photography session
A: The retainer will guarantee and book the dates I will be shooting your project and protects me from incurring a loss for the scheduled time. The retainer fee is a portion of my creative professional services and is included in the total cost of your project.

Q: What happens if the amount of hours you work on my project is more or less than the initial estimate?
A: At the time of booking we will discuss the work order and I will provide an estimate of the time needed to complete your project. The creative fee is a per day fee and includes the time I need to set up the proper lighting to make your product look its best. The usual day fee includes 8 hours of photography time. With the information provided I will make my best effort at providing you an accurate amount of time needed to finish the project. Change of work orders can be added anytime prior to the project completion and a new rate will be generated based on the requirements of the new work order. New work orders can included but are not limited to: additional photographs needed, changing of set design after the design was approved, adding talent or additional talent etc. .

Q: What happens if there is no representative from my company present to provide direction and approval of the photographs?
A: If the product is photographed without direction from your company the photographs produced will be considered the final photographs as I will be acting as the photographer and the art director, usage rights for your images will be released to you upon full payment of the invoice.

Q: Your rate seems high, why should I pay you $900 to take and edit a few simple shots of a product that I sell worldwide for X amount of dollars each each?
A: My I take great pride in my photography just like you do in the product or service you provide your customer. I will provide you with a quality image showing off your product/service, as they say (kind a) a good photograph is worth a hound sales. If you think you can do a better job yourself, I highly encourage you to do so! I have spent many years perfecting my photographic skills and am currently a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America Please keep in mind that having professional product images have been shown time and time again to increase the sales of products and services. A professional photograph of your product/service is the first impression a potential client will see on your marketing material. We only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a new client and good clear photography will become a worthwhile investment.

Q: If I'm unhappy with the quality of your work or the results don't meet my expectations, do I still have to pay you?

A: As stated above if there is no onsite art direction provided at the time of service, I will act at the art director and will provide you with final images that will be your final images. If final payment in full is not made usage rights will NOT be transferred to your company. If you provide a representative to oversee the photography session and approve each final image the approved image will be considered the final images and payment for the photos is expected. I am a professional just like you and I will not release any photographs I am not satisfied with.


Q: Do you offer photography services at my location instead of in your studio?
A: In short yes. A travel fee of $100 per hour (minimum of $100) may also apply for on-site product photography more than 40 miles from my studio in Utica, NY.

Q: Can I ship my product to you to photograph?
A: Absolutely, please ship it via UPS or FedEx with insurance, and provide me the tracking number. If you would like the product returned a Return shipping will be a line item on the final invoice. Some clients ask us to destroy product or donate product to a non-profit organization.

Q: But I want certain shots and angles! What if you don't do what I need without having me there directing the shoot? 

A: Prior to me photographing your product/service, we will prepare a brief outlining all the work to be provided. I encourage you to make a mood board (pintrest page) showing some ideas on how you would like your photography done. This brief will be your shot list and will detail all requested services so there is no question about what is expected.


Q: What does basic post processing include?
A: Basic post processing includes but is not limited to: Color correction, sharpening, exposure compensation, dust removal. Basic Post processing time per final image is billed at 30 minutes/image.Most projects will be ready in 8 to 10 business days.

Q: I am often asked to just provide the images with no post processing,”Can I please take the images with me as taken?”
A: The short answer is no? Digital image captures directly from the camera are not true photographs, they are digital files that need to be processed and converted to a useable format. I will not release a photograph that is not perfect.

Q: How will I receive my photographs?
A: When I am done editing your project, a link to an online password protected gallery will be provided to you. Full resolution copies can be downloaded directly from the gallery after payment in full.