Winter storm Harper = Tabletop still life

Funny thing, living in Upstate New York, It gets cold and it snows in the winter. Everyone heads to the grocery store for milk and bread. I decided to brave the crowds and see what I could find for a weekend photo shoot while storm Harper dumped a couple of feet of snow outside. I decided on a couple of setups, one being fruits and the other vegetables. So the shoot could have been called here are your fruits and veggies.

My Plan today was to create window light from the left. After the last shoot where the window light was very blue today I set up 2 strobes behind a medium translum scrim, watch how a scrim is made here! . The lower strobe was set up with a 4 foot x 12 inch strip box positioned horizontal set about 1 inch above the table. The second strobe was position above the first and at first was bare bulbed after a few test photos I decided to place a 7 inch reflector and a black flag of cinefoil to control the spill of light on the background.

after the strobes were set and the window light effect was created, a tall white board was placed opposite the strobes to add a little fill light. The two speed lights were used with grids from MagMod the grids were used to add small areas of light to the setup as needed. Below is a slide show of a the set up and a few photos from the session.