Cold winter day personal project

Working with fluids and splashes can be a messy venture, yesterday was a very cold day in Upstate New York, and I decided to create some small splash photos. Using some toasted oats cereal, heavy cream, vegetable shortening and a can of compressed air along with some photo gear I was able to create a few keeper photos. The photo gear was 2 light stands an arm to hold the spoon with a super clamp 2 speedlights and a homemade scrim. I tethered my Nikon D750 into lightroom to start, but after 7 photos lightroom stopped importing the photos (This has been an issue since the last lightroom update). I switched to a third party program smart shooter 3, this program gives me full control over my Nikons and it has never failed me.

After practicing with water over the sink, I was able to get the timing down with creating splashes in the spoon. After getting everything in place my first couple of air shots missed the spoon making some of the cereal fly out of the bowl. After a few attempts I was able to get the set up working.

The slide show show a few of the behind the scene photos and a couple of the final resulting photos. All in all it was a fun little project for a cold winter days and I did it staying in the house not having to head out to the studio.