Social Media Bundles

Reach the newest multi-billion dollar consumer market 

How can you reach thousands of new clients every month?  The answer is social media, its a fact that the Millennial generation has grown up on social media and every day as they grow older and are now starting to spend money on products and services offered by you.  This generation is changing the way information and buying decisions are made. The 2 articles below talk about the buying power of this new generation.

 "There are roughly 80 million Millennials in the United States alone, and each year they spend approximately $600 billion."

"Millennials expected to outnumber baby boomers in 2019"


A fully customized personal branding session that will take your website, Instagram feed, Facebook page, Twitter feed and E-Mail campaigns to new heights. Client interaction - Todays consumers are more likely to contact you through a simple click from their social media feed, to keep customers engaged you need to have a stream of high quality ready to share


Facebook, Instagram, email marketing... the way that small businesses interact with their customers has changed. To keep customers engaged it's now necessary to have a constant stream of high quality content to share online.

Cosentino Commercial Photography will work with businesses of all sizes to create a collection of photography from your business that can be published over time, showcasing your products or services through quality photography.


  • Consultation to understand your business and brand

  • I will spend a full day photographing your products or services on site

  • Bundles include using your staff as talent. If talent (models) are needed we can customize your bundle

  • If needed some photography can performed in my downtown Utica studio. How many?

How Many Photographs?

After our consultation we will decide how many images will work for your business, I offer 3 pre-made levels of content allowing you to have bundle of photos that fit your marketing needs. The bundles can be found here.

The bundles include between 30 to 90 edited and sized photos. Why 50? If your business post on social media once a week 50 photographs will give you a full years coverage without having to repeat a single photo. Mixing and and matching sets of photos will allow you to also send targeted E-mails and newsletters.

Think about a whole year's worth of marketing photos done in one day. No more searching on stock websites, no frustrating hours to get your own camera to work right, no more worrying about proper lighting, no wondering about how many photos you should take. I handle these details for you.

All the pre-made social media bundles have a set flat rate fee, allowing you to easily budget a full year of social media images.

dinner plate.jpg

30 image

The base Social Media Bundle will provide you enough edited photos for a new post every business day of the month or weekly post for 6 months. If you post every few days this package can provide close to a years work of social media postings, without having to repeat a photograph in the post.


60 image

This collection will consist of 60 High-Resolution photographs ready for you to place into your social media streams. There are enough photographs for you to so display a new photograph every day of the month without repeating an image.

50 Image Social MediaBundle

90 image

Our large 90 image Social Media Bundle will help you turn your brand/service into a social media guru. Post twice week of the year and become a dominate social media powerhouse in your market area. The 90 image package has an option to split your photos over two sessions.

The best way to reach this new audience is to be where they are. To make an impact you need to post fresh material frequently, I will provide you with a library collection of images from your business showcasing your products and services.


My Photo Library collection is the easiest way for you to have new content to place in your social media feeds.